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Mardi Gras Font Free Download

Mardi Gras Font Fmily

Mardi Gras Font is a brush script font that features a thick bold hand lettering design that will make your designs stand out from the crowd. It is most suitable for modern poster and banner designs.

This excellent quality font family is the first to release TrueType Set. Billy Argel, the amazing font designer, took over the rights of this font family in 2018.

All the characters included in Typeface are hand-crafted by Billy Argel. Its corners, thick and heavy strokes make it unique from all font families.

Because this feature makes it unique and helps to add more creativity to the typeface. Many designers are looking forward to using this font family to perform their routine

Font Details

Font Name:Mardi Gras Font Family
Style:Script, Brush, Display
Font Designer:Billy Argel
File Format: TTP
License:Free For Personal use
Files:Mardi Gras (Truetype)

Character Map Image

Its beautiful golfs and stylish texture make that brush font very popular in the family. To help you take a look at the images we clicked here to get an idea of ​​the texture font.


It is perfect for creating posters, banners design, thumbnails, pairing, wedding, invitations, or business card layouts, printing over the fabric purposes, books composing, headline undertakings, etc.

But remember that, we are providing it only for personal use. Other unique fonts that are free are Bentham Font by Ben Weiner, Caudex Font by Hjort Nidudsson.

Supported Languages

This remarkable font contains in only one weight that supports 124 unique glyphs.

In this font, the letters are tied and they are connected to each other by a swash that you will notice at the end of each letter. That thing makes it unique & awesome.

Show Supported Languages:
English, Zulu

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